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Investigate issues in real-time with the winner of Splunk's 2017 Innovation Award, Luna, our dynamic tool that integrates Slack and Splunk.

Make Luna the newest member of your team.


Easily work with your team

Luna allows you to quickly bring relevant insight to your conversations within Slack. Easily show visualization while discussing a problem.

Saved Searches

Get access to all your saved searches. Luna will show you the results of the last run instance in history or run the search again if it's not scheduled.

Custom Searches

Run Ad-Hoc Splunk Searches using Splunk's Search Processing Language (SPL).

Easily Link Back to Splunk

Luna creates a link for you to go right to your results in Splunk in case you want to see more details.

Operational Intelligence Made Easy

Chosen by Splunk as it's 2017 Innovation Award winner, Luna brings the convenience of collaboration to your team by accessing impactful visualizations from Splunk in Slack.

End the annoying back and forth between Splunk and Slack by consolidating your team's efforts, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

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